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Be Valuable, Not Available

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  • Canute Fernandes

My better half

It is a challenge to come up with this blog, not only because I would be describing the person who plays an important role, but I do need to make sense in whatever I write...


How shall I begin? Let’s see...

Lemme take you back to our college days and share a few memorable moments... As a matter of fact, it is really funny to even accept that we got hitched... Yeah, really!! Why this expression? Actually, we both are complete opposites. She has always been the studious one, the first ranker since school days, whereas, I have always been one of those who was always in the pass category. When it comes to adventure it’s me who would always be up for one hell of a challenge. I also have a smile stuck on my face all the time for no reason at all, she would not really smile without any reason, unless sarcasm. We make a perfect mocktail...


Well, he does manage to get on Hinu’s nerves easily... And the reaction to her anger is a broad smile.


So, Hinu in a nutshell... Someone whose been good at academics loves her sleep, gets tensed easily, not someone who would be comfortable with different mindset people, but can manage pretty well.

She knows what to do when and how unlike me..!

#spouse #Biography #son #life #maveristic #family

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