Understanding WIX Editor X

Hi Guys,

I have recently been promoted to Icon Level WIX Partner. I have been actively using WIX and have extensively explored all the functions and keep sharing critical observations with the WIX team. I will continue to share inputs to enable the users of WIX to have a seamless experience.

I have now begun developing a site using Editor X - For Bold Creators. The new Editor X is simply awesome and has already begun sharing observations with the Team.

Today I am writing to explain the most basic infrastructure of Editor X. All of these are the most basic details to help anyone wanting to explore Editor X.

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The Workplace

The Workplace consists of 7 parts:


WIX Editor X Canvas

Your canvas is divided into horizontal sections. You have a header, a footer, and a large section in the middle. You can move them around and add as many sections and pages as you want. Use the resize handles at the side of your canvas to adjust the width and design your site at every viewport.

Add Panel

WIX Editor X Add Panel

Drag any kind of element onto your canvas, from simple shapes and text to social bars and fully designed sections.

Action Bar

WIX Editor X Action Bar

Select any element on your canvas to open this floating action bar. You can perform all actions to a particular element right from design, animation, links, and more.

Inspector panel

WIX Editor X Inspector Panel

This is where you can edit the properties of a selected element. Change the alignment, size, position, and more.


WIX Editor X Layers

Use the Layers panel to view the entire structure of your page. You can also select and edit elements from here. If you hide any element in tablet or mobile layout you will be able to show the element using the Layers.


WIX Editor X Masters

Masters are sections of content that can show on multiple site pages. Changes you make to one will affect this Master everywhere it appears on your site.


The breakpoints navigator at the top of your canvas lets you jump between 3 preset breakpoints - desktop, tablet, and mobile. Click the 3 dots to customize breakpoints and add more.

You will find all the details on how to work with Editor X by following the Academy X. An end-to-end resourceful documentation on how to build your website on Editor X.

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