Devils Circuit Announcement 2019 – 2020

Guys hope you all are doing well!

A new season of Devils Circuit has been released and would wanna shout out…!

When was the last time you had an exciting day? Do you wish to do something exciting and stand out!

Well, here it is… A much awaited event at your doorstep… I bet you would not regret getting your hands dirty in this event… a once in a lifetime must experience, which you will be proud of!

“You need it; we give it” Team Devils Circuit

Team Devils Circuit

Welcome that one day in your life to get tough and experience an unorthodox way of life.

This would be my 3rd participation and this is one event I enjoy after a CrossFit Open that happens every year. I have experienced this stuff and it gives a sense of pride to call myself a “Devil Slayer.” Yes, you are a devil slayer once you get on to the track. If you feel it’s not your cup of tea, you are wrong. You would see various sets of people; Last year a skinny friend actually surprised us with his determination. Why? His physical appearance is not that great but he did complete the entire course and didn’t skip a single obstacle. I have also seen people who are really heavy made and believe me I was astonished to see them actually performing every single obstacle, that experience gave me a thought – if them, why not all? Lets begin the journey of “Fat to Fit” with this kick-ass event. This is what Devils Circuit is all about – “To explore your true self.”

And yes, you can brag loads as you would be captured in action and pics are shared via a dropbox link and uploaded on Devils Circuit site. I call this event as bragging rights… #braggingrights #devilslayer #pushyourlimit #booyah #swiftdevilscircuit

These are my personal hashtags – #goodbyeroutinelife #bedifferent

India’s toughest obstacle race course set across a raw rugged terrain punctuated with military-style obstacles, the MARUTI SUZUKI ARENA DEVILS CIRCUIT tests you both mentally as well as physically. It is designed, keeping in mind, participants and audience who come from different walks of life and not only for a fitness enthusiast.

Join the tribe and experience awesomeness being a part of the coolest, toughest and most stimulating run of the year.

What can you expect?

Registration Details:

Chennai – 8th Sep 2019

Bangalore – 28th & 29th Sept

Mumbai – 3rd Nov 2019

Hyderabad – 13th Oct 2019

Mohali – 23rd Feb 2020

Delhi NCR – 14th & 15th Mar 2020

Note: Below prices do not include taxes. Taxes will be applicable respectively. Only for Mumbai Event the prices on the link are inclusive of taxes.

Legends cup – 6 cities: INR 19,200INR (Early Bird: 9,600)

Legends cup – 5 cities INR 16,000INR (Early Bird: 8,000)

Competitive – General INR 3,200INR (Early Bird: 1,920)

Competitive – VIP INR 7,000

Non-competitive – General INR 2,200INR (Early Bird: 1,320)

Non-competitive – VIP INR 5,000

Participation Categories:

Legends Cup:

The toughest obstacle based competition in Asia! For the super athletes who want to run the entire season, here is a chance to win not only cool cash prizes but also a Brand New Maruti Suzuki Swift car for the top male and female competitor.


Competitive Category is a huge adrenaline pumping race for participants who are already on a fitness journey. Here, a timing chip is affixed to your running BIB and post-race, you get an e-certificate on your registered email id with your completion time. Next year, when you come back better, stronger, this is the benchmark you raise. You not only get cool prizes if you finish in the top 3 but our supercool leader board also decides if you win a Brand New Maruti Suzuki Swift at the end of the season!


Non-Competitive Category is for fun and thrill. Take the race with your friends, family or colleagues and complete it at your own pace. It doesn’t matter if you choose to omit some obstacles, no one’s watching! This is definitely the category to pick if you think you’re a beginner and are starting your fitness journey. Trust us, there’s no better way to start!

What you get on purchase of VIP ticket?

Along with all other category gratification, you also get

  1. Access to a dedicated VIP area on event’s day.

  2. Food and non-alcoholic beverages at the dedicated VIP area.

  3. Collect your Bib and Goody Bag on event day.

  4. Choose to run in any wave of your participation category.

  5. Exclusive branded athleisure t-shirt.

Early bird pricing:

Decided to register now? We will reward you. Our early bird pricing ensures you get that all important saving, by booking your spot 60 days and 30 days in advance of the race.

For large groups of 25 and above (friends, family and social), click HERE


Want to bring your colleagues? Excellent, click HERE to find out why more and more corporate organisations are gravitating to the Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit experience.


Our runners show their solidarity with other runners on the track in various ways. One of the ways is by wearing the complimentary Devils Circuit branded T-Shirt that we provide you after registration. It’s yours for life and you can wear it with pride wherever you go!


We love our runners and appreciate the time and effort you put into coming out for our event on the weekend. We gift each Swift Devil Slayer a complimentary headwrap after registration. The headwraps not only make you look awesome; they can actually be an ice breaker depending on how you wear them! Click HERE to see the multiple ways you could wear yours!


Each participant gets a unique running BIB number that you attach to your T shirt with safety pins on the day of the race. This BIB is the most important evidence that you booked with us and participants arriving at the venue without it are not allowed to take part in the race. The Competitive Category participants will have a chip integrated with their BIB.


The biggest validation for any runner is a prize that reminds you of your journey on the five-kilometre track. At the Finish Line, each participant is given a Finisher’s Medal to take home!


The party has only begun at the Finish Line. As soon as you cross the last obstacle and exit the racing track, you also get a complimentary energy drink to reenergise.


We want you to be able to share your DC journey with everyone! Therefore, we have over 30 photographers on the track, stationed at each obstacle to capture your special moments. A few days after the event, we release these photographs on our website. You can simply enter your BIB number and download your photographs. Another reason to make sure that Bib is securely attached to your T-Shirt and visible in every shot!


We want to make sure that our Competitive Category participants can use their Finishing Time as a benchmark for the next season. Post the event, we send e-certificates on your registered e-mail ids.


Each participant is allowed a spectator at the event. Don’t forget to get your friend/family to cheer you on! When you reach the venue on event day, take him/her to the Spectator Registration Counter and get their wristband for entry.

The Rule Book

The process:

So, you’ve bought the ticket and have received a confirmation mail. Now what? Roughly 15 days before your event, we will send you e-mails on your registered e-mail id about the BIB Collection Dates. Check your spam—our mails may land up there. Follow our Facebook EVENT pages, follow our Instagram, and connect with your friends to stay updated about the dates. On the day of the BIB distribution, arrive at the centre with necessary documents (read on to find out) and collect your Goodie Bag. Now you’re set! We’ll see you next at the race!

T-shirt size:

The T-Shirts given to participants are exclusively made for the current season. During your registration, you will be asked to enter your T-Shirt size. Please enter your standard T-Shirt size which will be booked for you. Do note that whilst it’s our endeavour to always give you the requested size, sometimes we may not be able to and will give you the next best available option.


During registration, you will be asked to choose a time at which you want to start the race. Your timing will decide the WAVE you’re in. Each wave consists of 200-500 participants who will run with you. Participants are required to arrive at the event venue at least 45 minutes before the race for a seamless experience.

BIB collection:

BIB Collection is one of the most sacred places on your DC journey and the rules here are absolute. On the day of the BIB distribution, each participant is required to arrive at the BIB Distribution centre during the hours mentioned. Here, you are required to bring all the necessary documents (read on to find out) to avail your goodie bag!

Documents to carry:

A photocopy of a government-approved photo id that contains your name, photo, date of birth, and signature, and the waiver form sent to you by us. If you’re collecting for a friend or sending a friend to collect your Goodie Bag, a CONSENT LETTER with the participant’s signature has to be sent along with the above documents.

Goodie bag:

Each Goodie bag consists of your complimentary T-Shirt, your unique BIB number, a wristband (mandatory to wear), a headwrap, and exclusive Devils Circuit merchandise. Each unique BIB and the wristband are irreplaceable and the loss or destruction of it will lead to disqualification for participation.


We send out communication about the BIB Collection, General Rules, and the Event Location, multiple times between registration and participation. We do this through your registered e-mail ID and phone number. Please make sure the email ID and the phone number provided are the ones that you regularly use. Also, please follow your city’s event page on Facebook to stay updated.


The baggage counter:

We have a baggage counter at the venue that will accept one bag against each BIB number. Although bags are safely kept by our able team, we do not take any responsibility for the loss of your belongings. We strongly suggest that our participants NOT bring any valuables to the event. We do not accept loose car keys, jewellery, wallets or other smaller items at the counter. Should you have to come to the venue with any of those, please put it in a bag and submit it at our counter.


  1. No problem if this is your first sports event ever! We want you to be well-prepared for the race and for this, here are the simple things you can follow!

  2. Wear track pants (short or long) that are water resistant and the new DC T-Shirt!

  3. Wear only sports/running shoes. Participants wearing slippers, ballerinas, or toe-ed shoes will not be allowed to run.

  4. Do not wear loose-fitted garments, sunglasses, jewellery (however tight-fitted they are).

Please note: Our team cannot take any responsibility for the loss of valuables on the track. Whatever you lose, stays in the mud.


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