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About Client

When a CA decides not to crunch numbers, when Engineers decide not to fly off abroad and when a designer decides not to turn fat people to thin ones on Photoshop, a legacy is bound to be created. Yes, Vannam was born to be the finest painting contractor in the country providing services with absolute professionalism and utmost transparency. We put in our quirky ideas and youthful exuberance and strived to make people happy, both customers and employees. Today, our relentless hunger for perfection and customer satisfaction has made us the fastest growing painting contractor in Chennai.

Requirement / Problem

The client needed to revamp their website on WordPress and approached us with WordPress as a platform.

They were looking for a modern yet traditional approach that would convey the business essence and connect with their existing and prospective visitors or clients.

They needed a CMS site to manage and update the details easily at their end.

Our Solution

We recommended they consider the Wix platform and built their site on Editor X. We visualized the requirement and wanted to give a tech approach keeping in mind the modern and traditional essence to connect with the brand and its people.

We used Dynamic page and Velo to implement some advanced features to enhance the user experience. We also provided a custom dashboard that will let them easily manage and update the website.

We are currently, also working on their process automation and implementing Google Automation for their site report. The automation focuses on auto-generating a report based on the submission form the sales team and send across an email to the client with a pdf copy of the report with CC to the internal stakeholders.


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