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Global Crisis Response

Global Crisis Response

Built on Editor X

About Client

Global Crisis Response (GCR) is the flagship initiative of Orb Tranz Research & Broadcasting Foundation, a not-for-profit (Section-8) Company registered in Mumbai, India-since 2021. It is a systematic yet transformational initiative aimed at collectively exploring the best means to articulate and navigate the current era of the Anthropocene characterized by Species extinction, Climate Disruptions, Resource Scarcity, Societal Chaos, and Uncertainty.

Requirement / Problem

The client was not happy with their existing Wix site and had many issues with the platform and was considering moving away from the Wix platform.

They were facing issues with creating, making changes, or removing any information from the site and the layout was very limited to their visual expectations.

Our Solution

We got on a discovery call to have a better understanding of their pain area. We discussed for almost 4 hours and got to know that all the issues can be addressed on the Wix Platform itself.

Since the client already had a bad experience with the earlier Wix Partner due to their lack of expertise and too many dependencies on the partner team, it was now our responsibility to earn the client's trust and prove ourselves to the client.

We immediately proposed the Editor X platform and shared all the necessary details with the client as to why they needed to consider Editor X. We got the client into confidence and began to work on the project.

We were not only able to do justice to the work but we also prepared a front-end dashboard for the client to have complete control of the data and have zero dependencies on Maveristic.

Complex Workflows:

Jobs Workflow

  • Creating Jobs

  • Receiving Application

  • Updating Application - Approved/Reject

  • Email Notification using SendGrid - Receiving application & updating application.

  • Conditional Notifications to send to the applicant - After the Application is Updated


Build your website with us!


Why do we recommend Editor X?

It is an advanced responsive website platform that will design the website for all devices i.e., desktops, tablets, and mobile devices of all sizes/dimensions. We can introduce a custom viewpoint for larger desktop screens.

What is the investment in Wix Editor X?

Yes, the cost is different from classic editors. If you have an existing plan, Classic Editor will be migrated to Editor X, and the differential amount will be payable.


(Open in incognito else you will be logged into your Wix account)

Is it worth investing in Editor X?

You need to consider Editor X if you want a top-notch website that is auto-responsive across devices.

Will the site be built on Editor X from scratch?

Yes, the project on Editor will be built from scratch.

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