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1Percent Trading Group

1Percent Trading Group

Built on Editor X

About Client

Join our Bootcamp to become an independent and knowledgeable trader, get in-depth market info on coins of interest for the month, or if you’re a little busy, have some of our monthly trading bots do the trading for you. If you feel adventurous, dive into the abyss to invest in microcap projects, or simply ask our great team to do TA on your favorite coin. Our expert call sniper team will help you get in on future paper trades that literally print money and help you craft and follow a plan for your financial freedom. Don’t worry, we like spot investments as well and actively manage these paper trades too. Our NFT wizards are also always on the lookout for the next best project.

Requirement / Problem

The client needed a professional to restructure and rebuild their site on Wix. They needed a modern site that focuses on the core objective of the business i.e. to convey that they are a cryptocurrency community and not an online buy & sell trading platform.

The client had a design in their mind and needed to get the same on the site. They needed most of the components to be easily updated by their internal team and needed a CMS site.

Our Solution

We had a discussion with the client to understand their business in detail which would enable us to draw a strategized approach as to what needs to be achieved and meet the business objective.

As per our understanding, we then asked the client to move to Editor X instead of the Classic Editor as we could achieve much more from a UI & UX perspective on the site.

We used Dynamic page and Velo to implement some advanced features to enhance the user experience. We also designed and gave them a Front-end dashboard that they could use to manage their content on the site. 

We also played an important role in their rebranding activity and got the website restructured and revamped as per their brand guidelines. Shared valuable inputs to support the rebranding phase and was in close touch with the team to get the same rolled out on all their social media platforms as well.

We are currently, working on implementing their online course module on their site via the Online Programs Business Solutions.


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