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High-quality results, fast and at affordable prices - that’s the Maveristic way. It’s what we stand for.

Build your business with brilliant, creative & bespoke solutions: Maveristic Technology Solutions brings you various innovative ways to provide the most efficient solutions for your business. Our experienced team of dedicated and innovative professionals is one click away for all you technology needs.

Maveristic was founded with a vision to provide budget-friendly yet effective website designing solutions to startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Maveristic \ˈma-vēr-is-tik\ is a design studio for independent creatives, businesses, and organizations looking to build a stronger brand identity based on real data and the brand's needs. Our creative communication design solutions tell your story in a way that resonates with your existing audience, or helps you develop one from scratch.

The Maveristic Story:


Canute Fernandes

I am a maven in the world of creativity having exceptional skills in building and contemplating a concept. Core interests include devising processes and strategies to promote healthy, ethical, and productive workplaces. Currently focusing on conceptualizing a mix of technical aspects to enable automation and enhancements. I am also adept at developing tools and resources to raise awareness about the need for innovation in corporate spaces as well as utilizing my experience in process developments for designing strategic innovations.

🏠 Amazing Quotes 🏬
• "God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh" - Voltaire
• "The whole world is one big stage, and every human being has a part to play; yours is in the hands of fate" - Euripides

Our Founder



We are based in Mumbai, India.



Our team of experts is spread throughout the globe.

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